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Luxury Makeup & Styling Services 

Allure Artistry

Meet Our Team!

Meet Melissa

Make-Up Artist

Melissa has been doing makeup on and off for several years! She is an incredibly popular bridal artists and has an amazing gift for naturally enhancing features! You can find her running her salon Twisted Beauty during the week in Monona!

Meet Brianna

Make-Up Artist

Brianna has been doing makeup with us professionally for a few years as part of our bridal team! She has recently decided to take the leap and join us full time as a beauty artist. She has incredible talent and is continuously learning! 

Meet Caroline

Make-Up Artist

Caroline is new to the team as an artist! She is a former MAC Artist of 9 years and brings incredible skill to the team in her bridal artistry!

Meet Jacqui

Hair Stylist

Jacqui is another new addition to the team! She loves styling and has a great eye for beauty. Hair styling is like a puzzle for her, working and engaging piece, by piece until she has a gorgeous end result. She appreciates every new client and the opportunity to create!

Meet Katie

Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist

Katie has been involved in makeup for years! She is new to the team and brings a sunny, positive vibe! She has an incredible passion for makeup and loves making you feel gorgeous!

Meet Ashlee

Makeup Artist 

Ashlee is the newest addition to the team! She has an incredible passion for makeup and loves empowering clients through makeup!

Meet Alicia

Makeup Artist 

Alicia is one of the newest additions to the team! She started as an assistant and her love for the industry quickly grew! She took the PRO certification course and is now one of our Utah artists!

Meet Emily 

Hair and Make-up Assistant

Emily has been assisting Katrina for years and is an incredibly important part of the team! She is also in training for hair styling!